Spirit Store

Welcome to the Spirit Store. All of the artwork on display here is available for purchase. Each Spirit Earth Light is a one of a kind work all completely original in design and construction. For over 30 years I have been inventing new ways of implementing lighted features into my work such as LED lighting technology. The result in these series of Spirit Lights are so unique and colorful, every person that has received one is in love with them. They are primarily night time view-able sculptures and because of that, it has been challenging finding the right gallery and lighting conditions to show them in.

Now I have them back in my possession and available to the community here. The value I have placed on them is under what a Gallery offers and I will make sure that each piece is available to the certain individual that is in love with it. Feel free to contact me through the “contact” page for any questions about a purchase and/or a commission.

Spirit Earth Lights made with Cholla Catus!

Spirit Trees Set $600.00

Spirit Lights with Crystals

Spirit Wall Hanging Cholla

Zen Spirit Trees

Galaxy Spirit Lights bring a colorful universe to your Space!

Colorful LED Galaxy Lights

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