Enchanted Lands Vol. 3

Enchanted Lands Vol. 3 CD Cover

Volume 3 marked a newer branding, a more solid identity into the expression of the multi cultures influences that have become standard now to Enchanted Lands music. I opted to make this CD cover more creative and stylized. The Moon rise has the cliffs from the Rio Grande Gorge hidden beneath in the shadows, and the Chinese Characters were added in reference to these Tracks and their cultural influences: The Quest (east Indian), Waterfall (Japanese) & Rainbows (Chinese). The sky and sunset are from photographic reference that I captured in Pilar and Taos. The big meteor is one I have seen every year in N. M. and stands out as a prominent detail in my connection to the beautiful viewings of space from the canyon in Pilar.

Enchanted Lands Vol. 3 CD Track descriptions
Track 1 The Quest- 8:00– The title track Encompasses a musical/metaphysical Journey which centers around a Eastern Themed Melody created with Turkish Saz, Cumbus & Sitar w/ Beautifully layered Ethereal drones, inter-flowing Soulful Keyboard Melodies & dynamic Drum/Bass rhythms that capture the energy/high frequency of the Enchanting Spiritual Locations of New Mexico.

Track 2 Waterfall- 7:00– Field Recordings of Birds and Waterfalls inspire this track arranged on a Melody reminiscent of a Japanese Shamisen with Acoustic Guitar, Gamelan Bells, Vocal Choirs and lush Keyboard Pads all producing a Tranquil Atmosphere perfect for a Meditation with your favorite Tea. Dedicated to the Bodhisattva’s of the Earth 🙂

Track 3 Desert Stars- 11:00– A relaxing Soundscape inspired by the beautiful Star Fields in the high Desert. Enveloping Synth Drones set the Galactic stage for a peaceful Piano/Keyboard melody that suspends like the Stars in the Milky Way.

Track 4 Petroglyphs On The Moon- 13:00– A meditative Soundscape inspired by the Ancient Petroglyphs in the Volcanic Rock Formations and Amazing Full Moons of NM. Rhodes Keyboard melodies create a haunting foundation w/ a Tuvan Drone, Native American shakers/ drum beats, Subtle violin strings & Flute harmonies building into a beautiful climatic Soulful crescendo.

Track 5 Rainbows- 9:30– Inspired by a “Triple” Rainbow seen over Questa-Taos Pueblo. Rain/Thunderstorm field recordings set the scape with Wind Chimes that transition through a Dragon-like Bell Cadence. Chime Melodies evolve into a mesmerizing prismatic ballad of color fading out into dreamlike keyboard pads.

Track 6 Coyote Nocturne- 10:00– This Night-Scape is inspired by the haunting midnight howls of Coyotes in the country. A “Western” themed Guitar bass line is embellished with Contrapuntal Keyboard and Electric Guitar melodies atop mysterious Synth Envelopes painting a harmonic collage under a full moon.

Track 7 Sunflower- 7:43– Arrays of Bees perform their symbiotic dance around Golden Sunflowers. Sequenced Synth Pads interwoven within Tranquil Keyboard Melodies transition into Beautiful Harmonies with chilled out Beats. This track is inspired by & dedicated to all the Beautiful Women in my life-and the world 🙂

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