“Best of” Enchanted Lands Photo-Graphics w/ Featured Music Tracks!
The Images/Graphics in this section of Photo-Graphics were part of John Patrick’s Enchanted Lands Gallery event in NM called “Enchanted In New Mexico” which took place Saturday April 14th 2018 in Albuquerque NM at the OT Circus Gallery. JP performed live music along with his art opening showcasing his many talents, diverse forms of musical styles and mixed-media creative art works.

Enchanted in New Mexico Pop Up Gallery event at the OT Circus gallery in ABQ Saturday April 14th 5-9pm.

The 14 image show along with other sculpture and Spirit Lights works document John’s years of creative evolution in NM. Each image is part of the Enchanted Lands 6 year story with the inspired music tracks that accompany them.

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #1 Track 1 Enchanted Lands- 7:00

Enchanted lands

The title track for my first ever solo produced Soundscape album “Enchanted Lands” was inspired by the experiences in Pilar during my first visit here summer/fall 2012. The image expresses the emotion of the rich country vibe- a rustic shelter with the Buffalo Cliffs in prominence with a almost clear sky. This dwelling just a few hundred feet from the Rio Grande River once sheltered Horses that inhabit the multi acre stretch of private lands. There was a mystical feeling that enveloped me when I first discovered these numerous lost encampments of a age forgotten by modern culture…

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #1 Track 2 MoonRise Mountain- 8:30

Enchanted lands Vol.1 Track 2 Moonrise Mountain

Here I was, sitting on my neighbors porch, overlooking the river and valley while enjoying a tasty cup of Green Tea when all of the sudden, this glow peaks above the ridge! I gaze as seconds quickly pass and the glow becomes larger until the edge of the moon becomes clear. Literally in minutes, the full moon rises and it’s light is so powerful, that it’s presence overcomes the darkness and illuminates the full valley below. We could feel the Qi energy of the full moon beaming into our souls and with this glow of radiance cascading over me and into my heart, I was inspired to compose the track titled “MoonRise Mountain”. My friend Julia Ives was there to share that moment with me, it is a very powerful moment I relive every time I listen to the track!

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #1 Track 3 Rain of Light- 9:30

Enchanted Lands Vol. 1 Track 3 Rain of Light

The Perseids Meteor shower was amazing to view from the porch of the EarthShip house. With all of the lights out and no moon in sight, dozens of streaks are viewed every second as the meteors fall in all the directions making the view of space a total light show. Looking over the roof, I was able to see just enough of the Pilar Cliffs and observe a long meteor stretch it’s tail across my field of view. That was a moment that was so rare and precious and it inspired the track by the name “Rain of Light”.

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #1 Track 6 Happy River- 6:20

The view of the Rio Grande from the Aguas Calientes bridge in Pilar NM.

Visit the My Story page for more info about Pilar and the Rio Grande River.

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #2 Track 1, part 2 Canyon Journey- 6:33

Canyon Journey from Vol. 2

This is the Entrance to the Rio Grande Gorge from the Taos Mesa Bridge area located in the Orilla Verde National Monument minutes away from Pilar New Mexico. The image depicts a mystical scene as a magical Orb leads you though a mysterious canyon adventure. The canyon is the inspiration for the track “Canyon Journey” (second part of the 1st track on Volume # 2). My friend J.D. Stahr took this canyon hike adventure with me in 2013. The hike is beautiful as it ascends ever winding through rocky ridges with sage and the Rio Grande River below us. I am forever in love with this canyon and the beauty that has touched my heart.

Certain elements of the photo have been augmented with the use of Photoshop such as the Sky, Sunset, colors, hues and shades of the landscape and lastly the magical yellow Orb.

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #2 Track 3 Spirit Winds- 9:00

The Yiccaria Apache “Medicine” cave in Pilar that inspired the track “Spirit Winds”

The Jiccaria Apache cave is a natural formation comprised of huge Basalt rocks on a ledge over looking the Rio Grande Gorge River Valley emblazoned with Petroglyphs all around the cave and entrance. I discovered the cave on a retreat during my first ever visit to Pilar in 2012. Then the following year I took a solo hike up to the cave and undertook a meditation. While in the cave I could hear the distant sounds of the river echoing through the chambers, and during that time I was receiving a channel with my flute name “Spirit Winds”- that was the inspiration for the track and the name I use while performing/playing the Native American Flutes.

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #3 Track 4 Petroglyphs On The Moon- 13:00

EL Vol. 3- Track 4 Petroglyphs On The Moon

Inspired by the Basalt rock formations leading up to the Apache Medicine cave, this track takes us on the continuing journey into this other world that is Rio Grande Gorge Canyon. On this hike I was imagining the Lunar surface as we made our way towards the rock formations housing the cave, the entrance and exterior formations have numerous petroglyphs depicting the Apache culture with iconic images. This is the fourth track on Volume #3.
This Volume took a step into a broader culture being created in the Enchanted Lands music continuum with tracks that have definite melodic influences in world music. “Petroglyphs” has a direct Native American influence with the Flutes, Drums and Shakers along with a pentatonic melody that captures the mood and style typical to Native American music.

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #4 Track 1 Comet Trails- 12:00

EL Vol. 4- Track 1 Comet Trails

This first track from Volume # 4 was inspired by the Dixon Astronomy club events during the winter/spring in 2015. I was able to see for the very first time a live comet making it’s way through the solar system on a path around the sun through an amazing home made 6 foot reflector telescope. The musical track inspired by the viewings became one of the very first tracks in production on the fourth volume being produced in the middle of Winter.
The melody and layered textures along with the drum and bass elements all came together so freely and effortlessly, almost being produced in a “Downloading” or channeling method as I like to call it. I felt that I had a solid grasp and a very refined/focused emotion on this particular track. Comet Trails now remains one of my favorite tracks in this soundscape Journey I have been on for now 6 years.

Spirit Winds Soundscapes Vol. #5 Track 8 Enchanted Skies- 11:00

Enchanted Skies from Vol. 5

The beautiful skies and sunsets of Northern New Mexico inspire artists from all over the World. Ravens fly through this sunset, glowing in colors and hues that are breathtaking to observe in person. This was the inspiration for the track on the Spirit Winds Enchanted Lands Vol. #5, title Enchanted Skies.
This image depicts a sunset at the top of the Horseshoe, just south of Taos on Hwy 68, looking towards the Rio Grande Gorge.
I have stopped at this rest stop on many occasions to witness other travelers pulling over on the side of the Highway and taking pictures as minutes and seconds quickly go by, with the richness and saturation of the colors changing and fading instantaneously. It is magical and inspirational to witness these aspects of the beautiful land that has come to enchant my heart.

Spirit Winds Soundscapes Vol. #5 Track 7 Ghost Ranch- 7:00

View of Ghost Ranch from the Kitchen Mesa Trail peak with the Pedernal plateau in the distance.

I had been hearing about the Ghost Ranch for many years and finally made a special trip to visit in 2016. The image is taken from the “Kitchen Mesa” overlook trail that winds back behind the ranch and ascends up a cliff face to a plateau above. Cerro Pedernal is the flat peak off in the distance behind Lake Abiquiu. The beauty is reminded by the eternal art of Georgia O’Keefe with her legacy that is forever connected to this wonderous place. What an inspiration to take in where this enchanted land meets the sky!

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. # 6 The Mirror Life- Kirina’s Odyssey inspirational graphics with music tracks. This link takes you to the Vol. #6 page with info about Kirina’s story and inspiration to the music tracks.

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #6 track 3 Labyrinth- 7:20

The Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch under the Kitchen Mesa trail Peak.

Northern New Mexico hosts all kinds of Labyrinths- the Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch is a special feature to visit at the beautiful preserve. Set underneath the Beige and Orange Peaks, one can always find people walking the Labyrinth in meditation. I discovered Labyrinths in Taos at many locations and started walking them at every visit. The Labyrinth Resource Group of Santa Fe is dedicated to building, maintaining and educating the community about Labyrinths and their importance culturally and personally.

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #6 Track 4 & 5: Water Wheel- 13:00 and Prayer Circle- 7:59

The Water Wheel 3D graphic inspired by the WW at Ghost Ranch NM.

Right next to the Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch sits the Water Wheel Mandala. Designed by writer, artist and instrument maker Ralph Weisman, the water Wheel is sacred geometry that calls to the purification and respect of one of our most vital resources! When I visited Ghost Ranch for the first time in Fall 2016, I learned about the Water Wheel and was immediately fascinated by the significance of the large ground Mandala. A year later I met Ralph Weisman in Taos at a music Pot-luck jam where he shared with me about
the Water Wheel Awareness Group Santa Fe. The Water Wheel Mandala graphic featured in 3D- was also an inspiration to the track “Prayer Circle” that holds a very deep sentiment for me in both the importance of the sacred water and the Kirtan communities I have visited in Northern NM!

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #6 Track 2 & 7 and Vol. #7
Heart of Space- 6:30
Song of the Heart- 7:40
Voyage of the Dream Spirits- 13:09

Heart of Space solar system from Kirina’s Odyssey Enchanted Lands Vol. #6.

The “Heart of Space” rendering was inspired by a card that pictured a Heart in Space constellation outlined in stars! The music was inspired by both the idea of the card image and the end of a relationship. I attended a Bone Throwing Ceremony in Dixon NM in 2018 and learned about the “Ka Ta See” and their philosophy that every living being has a special and unique Heart Song. That experience started a thread that continued to move me towards writing a special song about the importance of “Self” love and recognizing that true love starts within us. It became the driving factor for writing “Song of the Heart”. The “Heart of Space” track was directly related to the art being described in which the rendering above became the last part of the creative puzzle.
“Voyage of the Dream Spirits” was produced in response to the loss of a friend and neighbor in Pilar (Marcus Pond) who was instrumental in taking “under his wing” and introducing me to his family and so many sacred spots in the canyon upon my initial arrival in 2012. “Voyage” came as a download (in crossing over into the next realm of existence) and how that adventure into the unknown of the Universe translates into a abstraction of conscious awareness- becoming a music track that expresses the mystical experience!

Enchanted Lands Soundscapes Vol. #6 track 6 Zia- 9:00

Zia 3D graphic from Enchanted Lands Vol. # 6.

The Zia on the New Mexico State Flag is perhaps the most recognized symbol of Native America! The art and music to create “Zia” was mostly influenced by the power the sun has in the High Desert and Mesa’s of Northern NM. The spectacular sunsets in high altitude over the vast stretching vistas are always amazing to watch every evening. It is impossible to imagine New Mexico without the Zia and the symbol permeates just about everything in the local culture. I was able to experience the Solar Eclipse of the summer 2018 right on the Rio Grande- it was a moment to behold being on the river during that eclipse and the power that the sun has on us every single day.

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