John Patrick Funk- Musician and Mixed Media Artist

John Patrick Funk is a Mixed Media Artist who transplanted from Austin Texas to the village of Pilar New Mexico in 2012. John had been pursuing his love for music and art inspired by the nature and beauty of New Mexico where he took up seasonal residence in this inspiring location at the mouth of the Rio Grande Gorge Orrilla Verde Nation Monument through 2018. His Enchanted Lands Soundscapes are his musical and artistic diaries of New Mexico which features 6 volumes of original music, photography and multiple series of mixed media works including unique Spirit Light Sculptures made with Cholla cactus skeletons.

John has performed at Dozens of venues in Northern New Mexico including the Historic Taos Inn, Taos Mesa Brewing Co. and Kit Carson Park being featured in the “Taos News” for his Enchanted Lands Soundscape Music events. In 2016 John had taken on professional work in the Pilar village becoming a staff photographer for Southern Exposure Photography in the White Water rafting industry and a year later becoming a certified rafting guide on the Rio Grande. The time and experiences made a indelible mark that had a tremendous impact not only on the music but in life- in opening a new paradigm and love for our natural treasures and understanding the deep relationship we all share with our Mother Earth.

For over a decade John was a successful 3D designer and animator in the gaming, simulation and video industry. He had garnered acclaim within the gaming community on the science fiction space simulation game “Freelancer” (produced by Microsoft- Digital Anvil Gaming Studio) as a lead artist- that won numerous awards. John has credits producing visual effects and has a web mini series on youtube called “Space Adventure” with associated workshops designed to inspire youth with creativity, science and appreciation for the universe.
Space Adventure Part 1″Alien Asteroid Attack”
Space Adventure Part 2 “Technology of Terror”
Space Adventure Part 3 “Matter of Mystery”
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The Quest for the Dark Planet Sci-Fi Independent art film project.
Quest PDF File with Characters, Robots, Sets, Spaceships and Stations!
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Quest for the Dark Planet promo production video 2010

Deep Dive IoT Boot Camp 2024
JP received a scholarship Sept. 2023 at CNM for a Rapid Prototyping class that involves a 26 week course/certification at the FUSE Makerspace that includes programing, 3D design and manufacturing of smart IoT (Internet of Things) devices and inventions. He completed his first MidTerm invention called “Pyramid”: Hackster.IO Pyramid Project. He intends to pursue creation of Inventions and other products in the realm of Wellness and Sound Therapy as part of his continuing journey in service.

John also has been involved with many groups including “The Robot Group” in Austin Texas since the 90’s, has won awards, been published in magazines and featured on TV for his robotic inventions, props and LED light sculptures. He has been a participant and guest speaker at Science Fiction conventions, SXSW events and more recently the Maker Faire community. John hopes to continue his Enchanted Lands adventures and produce music & art in beautiful places all over the world.

Google Phone 512-279-3352
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