Spirit Art

Spirit Earth Lights as I like to call them are just that: Lights made with the Spirit of the Land of Enchantment! During production of Enchanted Lands Vol. 2 I discovered the dead Cholla skeletons among the sage all around Taos and even Albuquerque N.M. I was immediately drawn to ideas about how to “light” them with the Vascular nature of their detail. I set out on many hikes to find large enough specimens that I could clean on the inside, paint and run wires with LED’s through them.

That process has led to many varieties and series of the what I call the “Spirit Earth Lights” sculptures. The link and .pdf explain more in depth and will guide you into to the many versions of these unique art pieces. I will be making a full list of items that are for sale-many of them in the links above are available as one of kind works that can never be replicated.

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