Spirit Winds- Enchanted Lands Vol. 5

“Spirit Winds” is the 5th Soundscape Album compilation (completed in October of 2016) of The New Mexico Enchanted Lands Soundscapes that features tracks with my Native American Flute performance. This special volume of my musical explorations in the Beautiful Northern New Mexico & Rio Grande Gorge Valley features 4 new tracks (with 4 existing flute tracks taken from the 4 previous volumes) that was produced as a result of many people asking for a album featuring music with my Native American flute playing. The name “Spirit Winds” was received from the Jicarilla Apache Medicine cave in the mouth of Rio Grande Gorge Canyon located in Pilar where I heard the “Spirit Winds” summoning me in the canyon. It has been a honor for me to produce these 5 volumes of the Enchanted Lands music that has enriched my life with the beauty and mystery of the Land of Enchantment 🙂 Love and Blessings, John Patrick Funk

Spirit Winds Enchanted Lands Vol. # 5

The Jicarrilla Apache Medicine cave in Pilar is a special place that preserves the History of an ancient culture. People visit the cave located on private land by invitation, it is not open to the public or on any maps. When I visited there, it was an introduction to the local history and culture. During the summer of 2013, I visited the cave on my own retreat and discovered my voice in Native American Flutes. I felt a presence, a connection to ancient past and that is when I received the name “Spirit Winds’ that is the title track and name of this compilation.

The image for the CD cover came about from an idea about my new logo. The Zia vortex opening up in the back of the cave has 3 rays instead of 4. If you notice on top on the cave in front is a petroglyph that has the same design elements, a happy serendipity. This is how I imagine the cave to activate the bridge between dimensions. Some Native American Cultures have similar mythologies about the bridging of realities. When you see the world through open eyes and open hearts, all things are possible. I feel I have bridged this dimensional doorway in my music.

Track 1 from Vol. #2- Spirit Winds- 9:00-A meditative Soundscape inspired by a cave with Ancient Petroglyhps in the Rio Grande Valley/ Pilar backed with a sampled East Indian Drone, Cherokee Flute, synth Choir Samples, sounds of the river and a Native American drum beat.

Track 2 from Vol. #4- Samadhi- 9:30-Asian inspired soundscape layered with keyboards & light string melodies, Gamelan bells, sounds from the river and a Native American Flute solo inspiring a blissful meditation.

Track 3 from Vol. #1- Happy River 6:20 min– A meditative Soundscape inspired by the Rio Grande in Pilar with Organic beats and Sounds recorded from the Rio Grande Gorge. Beautifully produced with Cherokee Flute, Acoustic Guitar samples and subtle electronic drones.

Track 4 Waterfalls- 8:00-Field recordings of Birds and Waterfalls inspire this track arranged with a hand pan influenced melody, Gamelan bell sounds, lush keyboard pads, organic drum beats and Native American flute performance producing a invigorating yet tranquil atmosphere perfect for healing arts and meditation ambience.

Track 5 from Vol. #3- Petroglyphs On The Moon- 13:00– A meditative Soundscape inspired by the Ancient Petroglyphs in the Volcanic Rock Formations and Amazing Full Moons of NM. Rhodes Keyboard melodies create a haunting foundation w/ a Tuvan Drone, Native American shakers/ drum beats, Subtle violin strings & Flute harmonies building into a beautiful climatic Soulful crescendo.

Track 6 Lovers Night- 14:00-Inspired by the romantic atmosphere of the night under the Milky Way, this is straight up down tempo chill electronic music with nighttime ambiance & lush sound effects incorporated into soulful keyboard melodies, bass lines & grooving drum beats. The Native American flute weaves inside the melody and evolves with complex tones and fluid-like scales that demonstrate the unique style of my continuing growth on N.A. flutes.

Track 7 Ghost Ranch- 7:00– The last flute track inspired from the “Enchanted Skies” theme features a Haunting flute performance mixed with nighttime sounds in a simple and powerful meditation that was recorded in total improvisation. Directly inspired from a magical night camping at the Ghost Ranch under the clear sky of the October 16th 2016 full moon. This is the last of the Enchanted Lands canyon musical explorations, sweet and simple.

Track 8 Enchanted Skies- 11:00-Inspired by the beautiful sunsets of Northern New Mexico as seen from the Ghost Ranch Cliff, this track facilitates the beauty and mystery of the Ghost Ranch with a flute tone and melody that capture the essence of Spirit Winds. Haunting keyboard and synth melodies slowly build up around the flute and transport you to a magical dimension. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for your continued support 🙂 sincerely, JPF 12-05-2016

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