Resonant Sound Immersion Therapy
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Resonant Sound Immersion -R.S.I.- is the science, the way to describe the process and effects of Sound/Music being created in an intentional field i.e. space.

Consider how we experience Sound, Vibration & Music and without even being aware it- how we are triggered into feelings, emotions and impulses that activate as a result of the experience. This happens consciously and subconsciously. Our thought processes, inspirations, moods etc. are definitely effected and influenced as a result of what we hear and consequently feel.

Now we take these simple definitions-
1. Resonant -(of sound) deep, clear, and continuing to sound or ring.
2. Sound – vibrations that travel through the air, other mediums & can be heard when reaching the ear.
3. Immersion – the action of immersing someone or something in a liquid.

The experience of Resonant Sound Immersion is an environmental process- the experience, the effects of Sound & Music, the space/atmosphere/environment that is created, presented, communicated. This is the realm of the Enchanted Lands Music and Crystal Sound Bath.

I discovered an Ancient Science of Sound with my experience in the Canyon. The resonance of sound in a canyon is incredibly deep- visceral! The natural reverb, echoes, acoustics, with the River- The amazing force of Water! All of these perfect elements of nature exist for the Resonant Sound Immersion. Why do people feel so drawn to Canyons, especially ones with water?

It’s simple- there is a fundamental effect to our experience in a canyon- our senses are heightened as a result of the compressed space and natural acoustics. We can physically feel the vibration of every sound. The Sky meets the space of a canyon in a very interesting way- it is like a window of view, similar to a theater with walls on the side and screen in front of us- sound reverberating and echoing all around with a view. A Similar Immersion Experience, but not the same.

R.S.I.T. transcends the “listening” experience with the activation of the sensory realms of multidimensional consciousness. The Spirit Body (what I am calling our spiritual sensory body connected to Source) can be activated. This is a state similar to meditation- a individual is immersed in the Feeling of Experience that is almost dreamlike by the energy the music and sound baths are resonating. This “Sound Bath” is a another description for Soundscape with the literal definition of being bathed in sound. A Soundscape is sound/music that is derived from the inspiration and expression of nature. The Enchanted Lands Soundscape Journey has been on a evolution in reaching this precipice of immersive sound experience drawing directly from the inspiration and incorporation of Nature- capturing the Experience in the music.

I have been on my own quest in developing this realm of music for over 2 decades. This process has been incremental until the last few years with directly living in the canyon where I have been producing my 6 volumes of soundscapes. I use the word Therapy as an action/result of the Soundscape Journey Experience. For over 6 years now people have been experiencing Enchanted Lands music and live performance mostly in Taos, Dixon, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Austin Texas. In 2016 I started incorporating more sound elements with the inclusion of Singing Bowls and other World/Indigenous instruments. I learned about Singing bowls decades ago and experienced the incredible power of healing that they provided. I have been on a world music journey since my early childhood that has led me to this place and space in my own music/life discovery.

I discovered that indigenous-cultural music had something that people in developed Western Nations have lost in our modern evolution, and that is these ancient Cultural Identities in the Music and Arts were founded on the Relationships with Nature. This has been a Huge missing Link in our Modern Culture.

Now how does this relate back to R.S.I.T., well it’s simple- Nature provides the initial Template for all Healing and Balance, bringing back our Conscious minds and Connections to the Divine (God, Buddha, Source Etc.) that have been redirected from the Source of all Harmony and connection with the focus of Materialism, Technology, False Truths and the Pursuit of Self Centered Existence. This is a Evolution that has been going on for Centuries.

R.S.I.T brings our Conscious and Subconscious minds to a space of natural Balance. The Enchanted Lands Soundscape Journey and Crystal Sound Bath Integrate the Harmony of Crystal Singing Bowls, Native Drums & Flutes, Nature Sounds(field Recordings) and Melodies produce with Guitars, Keyboards and World based Instruments- this natural Sound connection unites our Hearts using ancient and modern paradigms together. It’s all the Evolution of our Conscious understanding and our Unified Connection to the Metta-Verse as I call it. Think of the Enchanted Lands Music and R.S.I. like Yoga, Reiki and Qi-Gong, in that these other disciplines and practices all utilize harmonious energy from the Earth and the Universe.

Sound is Energy, Vibration that has physical effects on matter. Thought and intention also have effects on matter. When I learned about the research of Masuro Emoto-The Message In Water, you can see the results of Sound and Music on the water Crystals on his page. This is an incredible discovery, a key ingredient in understanding of the laws of Quantum Physics in the real quantifiable world- everything has a effect on our perceived reality- with undeniable proof of the interconnection of Water, Vibration of Thoughts, Intentions and Sound.

This is my intention with R.S.I.T./the Enchanted Lands Music and Soundscape Journey- to assist in the healthy lives and conditions of our extended community of conscious beings on this sacred planet Earth by connecting to her heart and the heart of the Metta-verse and bringing that Love and Compassion back through Ceremony in music and creative arts. I continue to grow and learn on this grand Life Adventure.

This work is in a continual process of being developed. Thank you for being on the adventure with me <3 JPF