Enchanted Lands Vol. 4

Enchanted Lands Vol. 4 CD Cover

The Taos Mountain and Rio Grande are seamlessly blended in this merging together of the Winter and Spring seasons in Northern New Mexico. Crystal like snowflakes fall from the heavens with the Comet Lovejoy racing across the night sky and a metallic Dragon Fly is taking a respite along the river while looking for her mate.

Enchanted Lands Vol.# 4 CD Track descriptions
Track 1 Comet Trails- 12:00-The Comet Lovejoy is seen flying through Cassiopeia in this Trance-ful composition with beautiful melodies, down tempo bass/beats and stellar atmospherics.

Track 2 DragonFly- 10:00-The Rio Grande is the setting for the magical world of a DragonFly finding her mate. This Grooving mix starts with beautiful ambient melodies, sounds from the river and transitions into a percussive Drum & Bass melody with soulful Keyboards & Acoustic Guitar textures.

Track 3 Eclipse- 10:00-This Soundtrack captures the beauty of an Eclipse on the Spring Equinox. A String Melody introduces the piece with synth Pads modulating into jamming sequences, bass and drums driving a progressive rhythm that crescendos back into the original melody.

Track 4 Snowflakes- 7:30-The tranquil winter atmosphere of a snowfall presented in a soft Organ Melody w/ subtle Chimes and Angelic pads evolving with Japanese style flutes, & Winter like Envelopes.

Track 5 The Mountain- 10:00-The Snow covered Taos Mountain in it’s Mystical Grandeur. Asian melodies with Tuvan samples, Gamelan bells, and layered percussion take you through a Epic soundscape Journey.

Track 6 Samadhi- 9:30-Asian inspired soundscape layered with keyboards & light string melodies, Gamelan bells, sounds from the river and a Native American Flute solo inspiring a blissful meditation.

Track 7 MoonTrance- 14:00-The First New Moon in Spring phases to full as it dances across the night sky. This Lunar Soundscape is Centered around dynamic Electronic Beats, Arpeggiated sequenced Melodies, Jazzy keyboards and Spacial Envelopes that cycles back full circle to the beginning.

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