Music Volumes

The Music is Enchanted!

Enchanted Lands Music consists of 6 Volumes of unique Soundscapes which I consider to be musical diaries of my experiences in and around the Rio Grande Gorge Canyon in the heart of Beautiful Northern New Mexico. It all started in summer 2012 with my first visit ever to the enchanting valley of Pilar located at the mouth of the Gorge Canyon. The entire catalog consists of 40 + tracks that were Produced (Created, Performed, Recorded & Engineered) at the CozmicFunk/Pilar Earthship Studio . I play all the acoustic, electronic instruments, orchestrate the unique sounds and arrangements. I conduct the field recordings in nature while I am taking photos and exploring the various places and locations. The creation of every track is a very organic process in the works for weeks or months in advance before I even have an inspiration to start on the music.

Each Volume has been produced as an independent stand alone set of soundtracks, and with each successive new volume comes more experience and growth and insight into my journey as an artist. I feel like the journey is just beginning and still growing even after 7 years into this experiment. What amazes me is that I am doing something I love and people respond to it in ways that I could never imagine. The blessing for me is that all this joy with the music and art has even happened at all, like a miracle that materializes from a dream but one that I never need to wake up from. I am continuing the dream one day at time and I hope that my love in my art is received and appreciated. The music and the art is the delivery vehicle for my dream and I am proud and happy to be sharing with everyone. Let’s continue the Journey 🙂 JPF
“Best of” Enchanted Lands Photo-Graphics Sample Music Page compilation with images and brief passages about the music and art over a 6 year period of creation.
Enchanted Lands Volume 1 Marks the First of the “experimental” music series. Very Electronic with the foundation being placed for the series.
Enchanted Lands Volume 2 was very Ambient/Ethereal taking the music into deeper levels of of the canyon experince.
Enchanted Lands Volume 3 is lighter in feel, brighter melodies and rich compositions.
Enchanted Lands Volume 4 combines the elements of the previous 3 and is more like a complete soundtrack. The compositions are very deep and lush and transcendent.
Spirit Winds-Enchanted Lands Volume 5 delivered a compilation complete with Native Flute performance. Each track different in flute styles and atmosphere.
Enchanted Lands Volume 6- Kirina’s Odyssey is as soundtrack to her magical story. Still in progress…