Enchanted Lands Vol. 1

The Musical Influences behind “Enchanted Lands” is a combination of styles that have become major influences in my life, in it’s many varying expressions. I find inspiration in artists such as Pat Metheny, Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangelis, Jerry Goldsmith & John Serri to name a few. The collection of songs musical Styles range from Modern Jazz, Electronic Lounge, New Age/Ambient/Atmosphere, Trance Electronica, World Beat Fusion & Inspirational Native American in 7 original soundscape tracks. Perfect background music for setting a creative & relaxing Atmosphere.

Enchanted Lands Volume 1 Cover

A vibrant view of the Rio Grande Gorge as seen from hwy 68, 15 minutes south of Taos N.M. This collage is the product of photography/graphics that symbolize the beauty and majesty of the gorge where the Enchanted Lands music was born. All of the key elements are included that were the inspiration for the first CD that was produced in the summer/fall of 2012- the landscape, sunset, sky and space. 7 Meteors are representative of the 7 tracks and the Crescent Moon is the first phase- the beginning of Enchanted Lands music- the quest that has expanded into 5 volumes.

Enchanted Lands CD Track descriptions
Track 1 Enchanted Lands 7 min– Enchanted Lands is the title track that encompasses the Northern New Mexico experience with Jazzy Guitar melodies, layered strings, enchanting flutes & angelic drones. The song represents beautiful vistas and skies from the Land of Enchantment.

Track 2 MoonRise Mountain 8:30 min– This song was inspired from a full moon rise over the canyon that illuminated the Rio Grande valley in Pilar. Soulful guitar backed by a chill’n electronic rhythm with Bluesy Keys: sit back and Enjoy the MoonRise!

Track 3 Rain of Light 9:30 min– The Persieds Meteor Shower as observed from the Earthship front deck that created a beautiful “Rain of Light”. Layers of deep synths and Harmonic drone textures graduate to a crescendo in a relaxing Celestial Soundscape.

Track 4 Ancients of Sandia 7 min– The Sandia Mountains in ABQ are ancient in their geological grandeur. “Ancients” has a Dance able World Beat influence with layers of arpeggiated rhythms, Middle Eastern inspired instruments and Tuvan chorus samples.

Track 5 StarLite Canyon 8 min– Take a voyage into the canyon and heart of the StarLite crystals local to the Rio Grande Gorge. A hypnotizing electronic soundscape within layers of energetic syncopation.

Track 6 Happy River 6:20 min– A medidative Soundscape inspired by the Rio Grande in Pilar with Organic beats and Sounds recorded from the Rio Grande Gorge. Beautifully produced with Cherokee Flute, Acoustic Guitar samples and subtle electronic drones.

Track 7 Space Groove 7:40 min– The Milky Way is in full viewing glory with it’s Magellanic cloud and dense clusters of Stars. This is the background for a driving Electronic rhythm layered with mysterious synth textures and cozmic sound FX.

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