Support has been vital in my endeavors to produce and perform my music and participate in the numerous events and collaborations. A Patron takes on many shapes and forms. My definition of a Patron is a individual or organization that has supported me in my dream of creating a sustainable platform with Enchanted Lands Music & for me to continue my service to the community as a Artist, Musician and Bodhisattva. Every CD, Spirit Light, Staurolite crystal that has been purchased and or donation received for performance are all contributions of patronage.

Everyone can be a patron, all you have to do is offer to support in some way, the assistance can take on many forms. I believe in the law of Karma and I want to give back more than I ever receive. If you are interested in becoming a patron please contact me and share how you would like to help. I will make it my priority to give back in the ways that I can and that are meaningful.

I want to list some of those who have supported me and made such a difference in my life in this dream: Sunita Smith and Reece Tatum, J.D. Stahr, Gene Hirayama, Robert Morris Jones, Nina- Optimysm Metaphysical Shop, Katie- Yucca Plaza, Sabine Silver, The Taos Inn, Reverend Yamato- Global Peace Walk, Julia Ives, Suzan Biggs, Pilar Yacht Club, Ruben Medina, Heads Up Music Taos, The Taos News-John Miller, KLDK Radio Dixon, Dixon Farmers Market, Lee Mezibov/Dixon Astronomy Club, Embudo Valley Library, Maker Faire Austin- Kamie Wilt, The Robot Group- Sonia Santana & Tom Davidson, The Lone Star Flute Circle- Robert & Julia Gatliff, Joe & Lynne Lam, Katie Davidson, Soka Gakkai International- Daisaku Ikeda and all of my beautiful friends and family that keep the faith and encourage me to continue my work as a humble soul doing my best to spread love and hope into the world through music & art.
From the bottom on my heart, thank you! John Patrick Funk