Enchanted Lands Vol. 2

Enchanted Lands Vol. 2 CD Cover

The unique Landscape photo was captured at the peak of the rock formation/petroglyph cave in Pilar New Mexico. The image reveals the Rio Grande River (in the background) winding up into the Rio Grande Gorge Canyon with the Milky Way Galaxy emblazoned against a radiant night sky, with the super full Moon (3D graphics) and meteors racing across. The night time landscape is brilliant against the Moon’s illumination in this remarkable Enchanted Land!

Enchanted Lands Vol. 2 CD Track descriptions
Track 1 Enchanted Lands Book 2: Mystic Valley- Canyon Journey- 9:40– Enchanted Lands Book 2 is the next chapter in the musical exploration of Enchanting Northern New Mexico. This 2 part title track encompasses the mysterious Rio Grande Gorge Valley with haunting Keyboard Melody Soundscapes backed with a Acoustic Guitar progression and Nature Sounds that create a sonic backdrop as we voyage into the canyon.

Track 2 River Canyon Nights- 7:30-This track is the 3rd installment of Enchanted Lands Book 2. A rich Keyboard Organ melody captures the evening atmosphere with Soulful beats and guitar accents accompanied with rich layers of Synths and Nature sounds.

Track 3 Spirit Winds- 9:00-A meditative Soundscape inspired by a cave with Ancient Petroglyphs in the Rio Grande Valley/ Pilar backed with a sampled East Indian Drone, Cherokee Flute, synth Choir Samples, sounds of the river and a Native American drum beat.

Track 4 Solstice Moon- 9:50-A Mesmerizing track inspired by the “Super Moon” of the summer Solstice as viewed from the Taos Mesa. Dynamic Synth/Guitar layers backed with beats in a meditative cadence culminating into a Piano melody that sets a tranquil mood.

Track 5 Quiet Mesa- 6:00 -is considered part 2 to “Solstice Moon” with a classically inspired Piano Melody, String Section, Choir Harmonies and soft Keyboard Pads. Quiet Mesa is dedicated in loving memory to my Mother Shirley Jean Smith who departed us October 3rd 1996…

Track 6 Valley Dreams- 7:00 – This Ending Track is an epilogue to Mystic Valley. Soft Keyboard Pads, Synth Textures and Nature Sounds guides us into the realms of our dreams where new visions and realities are created and experienced.

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