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Thank you for visiting Enchanted Lands Music and Art! I appreciate the community interest in my Musical, Sound and Artistic offerings. The intention of Enchanted Lands is to connect us to the sacred in Nature, the music was produced in the canyon village of Pilar NM along the Rio Grande River. “My Story” Page. With Nature, we can heal our minds and hearts and discover a deep well of peace and compassion for ourselves and each other. Please enjoy the offerings here and may they aid you through these times! I always welcome your feedback and comments- cozmicfunk@yahoo.com <3 JP.

“After reviewing your narrative on Enchanted Lands Music, that’s how I feel about the evolving unfoldment of your music. Since hearing your earlier music, I use that as a baseline when comparing to your recent sounds. Saying your music has matured would be a gross understatement. The Enchanted Lands music speaks to a deeper spiritual essence resonant in each of us. Its not articulated easily. Rather there’s a connective-ness that evokes a deep Soul Knowing that connects us to the ethereal Universe and all that is, was, and eternal more. The vibrational energy generated by the music gifts the conscious recipient a glimpse of our true home- a dimension in which we yearn to return. I love it John, Well done.” Joe Lam- President of IONS Austin

Please visit the Enchanted Lands Events Page for Music and Sound events taking place!
October 2018 Guest Speaker podcast from The Celebration Santa Fe where I shared my story/experiences from the Canyon in Pilar NM that inspired the Enchanted Lands Music and Art.
I have been offering Crystal Sound Bath events that include Sound therapy with 7 Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls in what I am developing called Resonant Sound Immersion.

I want to thank the community of the world interested in my music, art and my life changing journey in NM that has resulted in these expressions that have forever altered me and made a difference for so many other people.  I created this site to share my music and art with the WWW community in the hopes of raising the frequency of the people in the world through my heart in this music that I produce in this sacred place in Pilar NM.

On October 28th 2017, the Enchanted Lands Music. com page was hacked and all of the current data up the 27th was lost.  40K+ visits had been made to this page since it’s launch in January. I have done my best to restore the site, but some data and blogs etc. were permanently lost. I have however added a new section of Music that is still in production: Enchanted Lands Volume #6- The Mirror Life- Kyrina’s Odyssey.

The Web is not always a friendly place and I have not let this incident alter my course in sharing my love with everyone out there. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your love and support  <3 John Patrick Funk Enchanted lands Music .com

My journey into New Mexico has introduced me to sacred and mystical places and for 6 years I have visited & produced my music/art in the beautiful village of Pilar in the Rio Grande Gorge Canyon. It has been a tremendous aid in my personal healing process to embrace the natural beauty in the variety of locations/landscapes, witness the spectacular vibrant sunsets, take in the amazing clear night viewings of the Milky Way and have intimate encounters with animal spirits. These experiences have allowed me the inspiration- direct source access- to channel my heart and love into this music & art that transforms me.

 The Mission to: “Create a New World Through Love” with my Music and Art.

 The intentions behind the Enchanted lands Music and Arts is a very simple one- to open peoples hearts to the possibility of new realities and inspirations of Joy, Abundance, Creativity, Healing, Love and Gratitude. Through this portal everyone can access the Music, Imagery and Art and be able to spark the flame of  these inspirations and connect to the amazing experiences I have been able to capture and share through these medias.  The mission is very simple and clear- Change the World Though Love!  My wish is that it can do the same for you and transport you to your own Magical Enchanted Lands! Sincerely, John Patrick Funk

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