Crystal Sound Bath

The Crystal Sound Bath- C.S.B. is a Meditation Sound Ceremony that engages therapeutic energy work through Harmonic Sound Frequencies utilizing 7 Crystal Sound Bowls corresponding to the 7 major notes (A,B,C,D,E,F & G) identifying with the 7 main energy nodes (Chakras). The C.S.B. is an extension & continuation of the Enchanted Lands Soundscape evolution exploring the Shamanic influences in the sound work I have been developing here in New Mexico.

I offer private and public C.S.B. events at homes, Yoga Studios, Healing centers, Intimate Event Spaces. The sessions are 1.5 hour in duration opening with a brief presentation & introduction, guidance on breathing & posture for comport etc. The sound bath concludes with a gradual wind-down and open discussion (depending on community, event time etc.). I have been receiving overwhelmingly positive responses over the 5 years of doing these C.S.B. events.

Benefits of Resonant Sound Immersion Therapy with Crystal Sound Bath:

  • Purify Mind, Body, Spirit consciousness.
  • Clear out disruptive patterns and traumas.
  • Raise Vibrational Frequency.
  • Help Re-tune nodes- Energy centers. (7 chakras)
  • Elevate Life State- create deep Joyful Life Force.
  • Connect to your internal Heart Song- Gaia Presence.
  • Strengthen and Increase(Amplify) Field Bandwidth.
  • Fortify Awareness and Presence with Spirit.

The CSB/Soundscape Journey (1.5 hour sessions include 3o mins set up/take down- 1 hour for sound bath) start at $60 for single individual. Group rates can average around $30 per person based on group size/location & amount of participants. Every event is a unique custom tailored event.

My experience using Sound bowls extends for 37 years in my daily Buddhist meditations. I was interested in Crystal Sound Bowls when I was introduced to them in Austin Texas many years ago. I attended events with Paul Hubbard in Austin and one his students Tina Rodriguez (who did voice acting for my YouTube series- Space Adventure) also did events and ceremony with the Crystal Sound Bowl. I had considered recording and using them for sound embellishments for my short films in my Sound Design/Soundtrack work.

I received extended training winter/spring 2018 at the Crystal Dove Healing Institute of Albuquerque NM. During that time, I developed advanced skills working with the large Crystal Bowls set (previously used by Dove owner and Sound healer Inga Madsen). This led to me creating my own technique in combining bowl harmonics and layering the frequencies that facilitate circulatory waves (similar to Toroidal Fields) that my clients report experiencing during the Sound Baths. The CSB is developed around a nature based system I call Resonant Sound Immersion Therapy which is inspired from my many years living in the Rio Grande Gorge village of Pilar NM.

Crystal Dove Training and Conscious Leadership Certificates

I have been receiving feedback from the CSB sessions with a large consensus that expresses the lasting benefits and results of the sound work. I am collecting the experiences and plan to create a “Testimonial” section here so everyone will be able to read them and see the responses from all these diverse people at the many locations I conduct my CSB events.

I offer personal training and consulting for those interested in doing their own sound work. Feel free to email me with any questions-