My Story

When I first arrived in Pilar June 2012 I was immediately moved by the beauty and ambiance of the village. It would be the first time I had spent so much alone time in a country setting surrounded by such incredible nature. I knew I wanted to produce some music but was not sure what it would look like. I initially thought that I would produce a CD with  mostly Acoustic Guitar. As my time there progressed and I started cataloging my notes, writings and photos, it seemed that what I was going to be creating were deeper musical tracks based on these inspirations- how ever they would turn out.

Almost every night I would walk down to the Rio Grande river and watch the sunset from the one-lane bridge and hear the sounds, see the animals and feel energy of the water running beneath me. There were so many moments of complete total bliss, a deep connection in the wondrous beauty unfolding all around me. Those moments started a chain reaction in my heart & my spirit. I realized I had to embark on a journey and follow it till the end.

Rio Grande river viewed from the small bridge in Pilar

The house I live in is a Earthship built on Apache land. I could feel the spirits on the property and subsequently in the music now. I would have never believed in my life, that I could produce music in the kind of atmosphere that it ended up being. The place seemed as if it was aiding me and supporting me, the spirits were alive and very integral in what ended up becoming Enchanted Lands Music. The spirit of love and healing was crucial to this collaborative effort: that I needed to find a deeper love and meaning to my life, my art, my soul and the spirits were there every step of the way. I can say that the process of creating the music transformed me along with the beautiful environment.

What makes this music so important to me is that it comes from a organic place with no expectations other than following the inspiration. I feel as if I am in the channel with the Spirit Source of all things and connecting and communicating, a dialog in commune- with the energies and spirits all around me here. Some tracks have the actual field recordings of the inspiration they were inspired from like Happy River and Rainbows. Even though the music is electronic in nature, I feel the use of the sounds and textures mixed with the other instruments and soundscapes take it way beyond the limits of a simple categorization. Because the act of recording any sound or instrument, voice etc. forever preserves it and makes it possible to share it with others, any and all recorded music is in the true sense “Electronic”.

I have been blessed to have a complete set of tools to be able to create and produce this music and share it with people. There is a lot going on in every single track that exceeds the simple process of being a musician, engineer or even a producer.  The most important tool I am talking about is my heart, that I literally love what I do and love sharing with people! I hope I can continue along this journey and branch out the Enchanted Lands brand into the world and collaborate with other singers, artists, musicians and creators. Peace and Love, John Patrick Funk

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