Lamar Fine Arts Academy in Austin

I was invited today Friday Feb- 03 to share with a middle school class my music including a performance and presentation about Native American Flutes and my Enchanted Lands Soundscapes. I educated the class about the origins of N.A. Flutes, including a brief history and then explained to them about my music and the Rio Grande Gorge Canyon. I had designed a lesson for the youths to draw or write down what inspirations, ideas and feelings were be being facilitated by the music and my flute playing. I performed 3 different and unique pieces of music and after each performance I asked these young people to share with the class.

Now imagine a middle school class being exposed to Enchanted Lands music and with me playing flute live in front of them, well it made for a very interesting experiment on both sides. I have lots of experience working with kids so it wasn’t too far off the base for me to take this on. I was really amazed by how many of these young minds really responded to the music and the activity. Some of the pictures were just amazing and they included Waterfalls, Rivers, Beautiful “Happy” Trees, Animals, Rainbows, Canyons, Clouds and Stars!

I was so delighted to have this opportunity to share with these young people today.  Thanks to Lamar Fine Arts Academy and Diana Kaz for having me participate and share my dream. Sincerely, John Patrick Funk 🙂

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