Enchanted Lands Vol. 6 Kirina’s Odyssey

Brand New music and content for Enchanted Lands Volume #6 The Mirror Life- Kirina’s Odyssey!

Here are 9 Tracks for Kirina’s Odyssey, at least one more is in production. Track 3 Labyrinth will have a Native Flute added to the opening of the track. Tracks 5-9 have vocal parts not yet recorded. Each one of these tracks corresponds directly to the Shamanic Journey that Kirina embarks upon during her Odyssey into ancient and sacred lands of the Te’Rah, they all support in telling her story.

Enjoy them in the meantime till they are all finished.
EL 6 Track 1- Crystal Sunrise is inspired by a rafting trip down the Chama spring 2017. I witnessed an amazing Sunrise at the beach across from the “Tiger Wall” in the river.

EL 6 Track 2- Heart Of Space is inspired by Magical Super Heart in space I created for an artwork years ago. I imagined this Heart Of Space in a planetary system where Kirina’s homeworld exists.

EL 6 Track 3- The Labyrinth is directly inspired by the Labyrinths of NM, there are dozens of them from Taos to ABQ.

EL 6 Track 4- Water Wheel is a unique track that rejoices the importance of Water with the Water Wheel Group in Santa Fe which I am friends with.

EL 6 Track 5- Prayer Circle was directly influenced by Kirtan and the power of community sharing prayer together with Love and Music.

EL 6 Track 6- Zia is an expression of the Sun- Zia in our local First Nations Cultures.

EL 6 Track 7- Song of the Heart This track has a special identification for me with the “Ka Ta See Heart Song” philosophy and ceremony. The lyrics and content are about discovering self Love after dealing with a Broken Heart.

EL 6 Track 8- The Mirror Life This is part of Kirina’s Odyssey, seeing her Mirror Life during her grand adventure. This track was being produced during the Eclipse last summer.

EL 6 Track 9- Awakening I would say this would be the Revelation to a life experience, an Awakening to the power of the greater self. Kirina exemplifies this spirit in her indomitable strength of heart and character.

Some of the new tracks are available here on this section that accompany visuals that are part of the inspiration and story. Scroll down in the Photo-Graphics section to the Labyrinth Image and everything below that is part of this new Volume 6. More is on the way. The Evolution is on- the Revolution is on!
Thank you for visiting and appreciating my work here-
sincerely with Love and Gratitude, John Patrick Funk E.L.M. 11-12-2017

Introduction to Kirina’s Odyssey an original Enchanted Lands Story.

Since visiting/living in NM from 2012 till now, I have been on my own Shamanic Journey into the Rio Grande Gorge canyon as this is where it all started for me. There are numerous sacred spots: The Apache Medicine cave, places along the valley and canyon, the Taos Mountain, Ghost Ranch, the Chama etc.

These incredible energy spots in nature have fueled my Quest in channeling/producing this music. I have now reached this crescendo of inspiration- creativity in my own Shamanic Journey in producing this particular volume that I am calling the Mirror Life- Kirina’s Odyssey.

I started working on this recent music project in what seems accidental (there aren’t any accidents of course) after receiving an injury that ended my White Water Raft Guide summer job. I was not intending to produce a 6th volume of music while I was planning on working this past summer. I was in the middle of figuring out my next life move, in true E.L. form, the music started pouring out of me, and in addition to the music was the story and the philosophy that is part of it.

Really profound events were inspiring the music: the “Ka Ta See” Heart Song & Bone Throwing ceremony, The Labyrinth and Water Wheel group in Santa Fe and of course, working on the river. In the production of the music I was getting what I call “Downloads” from the Great Source. These downloads were ideas, stories, lyrics, feelings, emotions, concepts about another world, a mystical magical place and culture of beings called the “Te’Rah” and then a character from one of my stories from 25 years ago emerged again- Kirina! She was channeling to me 25 years ago and is now doing it again…

The music was creating this brand new reality for me: it was outlining a world, a culture, a Planetary System, a new Dimension of reality, a new Universe and the story itself that I am calling the Mirror Life- Kirina’s Odyssey is a unique Shamanic Journey among a even greater more profound event that I believe is very important to our world and reality right now: the event is the Emergence of Enlightenment on this planet in a time where it is the most needed in our modern history!

Kirina is a woman, a young lady on a world that is suffering and at a pivotal moment of crisis. The planet Tar’Ka is undergoing a dimensional change, not too dissimilar from what we call global warming, but even more severe. The frequency of the planet is changing, the weather- the water is evaporating, an entire world is going through a process that will leave the life stranded without resources to survive from.

Kirina will discover her life purpose, her mission that she alone has to embark upon. She is on a path that will emerge her as a new being as a result of her journey. She will grow through her challenges and see a different reality and a different world through new eyes and a expanded heart. The miracle of her emergence will have ripples of effects throughout the entire world. She will become a force of complete Love, Compassion, Strength, Courage and realize her pure Heart potential. She is a Awakened to this new reality of herself, a re-invention and self actualization.

I sincerely believe that the beings on our own Planet Earth want to have this similar emergence, this Human Revolution and realize the greater selves! This recent music project is pushing me to create this reality for the world, for everyone here to embark on their own internal Odyssey of the True Self and become the change we all want to see in the World at large.

Kirina is showing me how to accomplish this and the music is her soundtrack on her Epic quest of Love and Adventure. The new project is also prompting me to write it all out as a story and hopefully in becoming a film. The World needs Hope and Love has to become our new greater standard of currency, of connection. This is what Kirina is directly telling me. I am listening and responding.